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Artigos - Learning resources on electronics

pices of electronics

In today’s global environment, everyone is a witness to the great strides the world is taking in the field of electronics as everything becomes automated. Online materials and other e-resources have a vital role in today’s education as they can engage and inspire learners of all types to get the best standards of education and even understand the field of electronics better. The learning materials are valuable for both students and teachers because they provide them with easy access to numerous amount of information in various formats which include e-books, web pages, and PDF files and also make the classes and lectures more efficient and enjoyable.

For the beginner

When learning about a certain course or subject, it is important for individuals to understand that different materials are useful for different people even though they are on the same subject. For electronics basics, Amasci is an ideal learning platform which provides easy to grasp information for the beginners. It has proven to be paramount as it provides useful information on topics such as ohms, watts, amps, and volts which are the fundamentals of electronics. Other valuable resources include all about circuits and 101Science which are great for the advancement of knowledge as they are accompanied by other resources in forms of worksheets, and video tutorials.


For the transitional learner

After gaining the beginner skills, it is important to understand the intermediate skills before diving into the deep end of electronics. It is important to try the new skills learned as a beginner to gain and understand the practical side of the topics which is necessary for any project and activity. One can get free tutorials from Youtube all use materials such as Hackaday, Instructables, Radioshack, PyroElectrical and Makezine which provides a broad range of learning and teaching guides.

With the right resources and the desire to learn, anyone can gain extensive skills in this field and help in making the world a better place.



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